If you are looking for fun activities with your family and friends, we offer

Freshwater Fishing

Want to try an exciting activity for your family? Then try fishing! Go and catch tilapia, we weigh your catch, you pay, and then cook them as you please.

Excited for more, check below to see what’s coming…

Leisure fishing

A bigger area for fishing is on its way.

Organic fruits and vegetables Picking

Have you thought of picking fresh produce? Carcar Eco Farm will soon offer this fun and exciting activity. Soon you can grill veggie skewers shortly after picking them.

Garden for events

If you are looking for an affordable venue for special occasions or parties, Carcar Eco Park Resorts offer eco-friendly spaces.

We are currently developing

  • Garden
  • Balcony Party Space
  • Ground Party Space

Intimate Garden Wedding

Our garden is specially intended for intimate garden wedding which can accommodate 50 to 200 pax. It can also be converted for party or event’s space.

Balcony Party Space

Ideal for night parties and star gazing.

Ground Party Space

Ideal for morning open parties and other birthday .

Coming up project under joint venture with USC Biology Dept (for educational tour):

Mushroom culture

Mushrooms are packed with nutrients, low in calories and are great sources of fiber and protein.

Butterfly garden

Appreciate life, experience beauty inside the sanctuary. Colorful butterflies will soon captivate and soothe your soul. 

Stingless bee hive

Birds and other domestic animals

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